Music feature!

Now only a donator/staff only feature!

XenoBot was our only source of music, until we introduced Rem-rin and XenoMusic. However, XenoBot still provides quality music, and we believe our donators and staff should be able to play music without limitations or restrictions.

If you are a donator or staff but does not have access to the feature, then contact us!


Minigames. Loads of fun.

Tic Tac Toe, Trivia, Typing Contests, Gambling, whatever.

A Discord server isn't fun without minigames. Our bot has minigames you can play with another friend, or with the whole server. We also support a soft currency system called XenoPoints, earned by betting, random point spawns, and events!



You know what I'm talking about ;)

Search for some 18+ stuff using keywords on our #nsfw channel, admit it, you're a pervert ;)


Join the server and have fun with your bot.

We take every pride to ensure that everyone has at least some sort of fun.